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7 Hour Mini Course

Our compact mini course covers each of the 6 stages in individual 1 hour modules plus a 1 hour introduction

Great for basic introductory level learning of Business Partnering


Course Overview

Business Partnering is the ability to use your competencies and skills to drive business outcomes which add value to the organisation.

The 7 hour mini course takes you on a journey through an introduction to Business partnering and then gives a high level overview of each of our 6 stages of Business Partnering general model.

The course is designed to give learners a great foundation when joining the work place as a Business Partner and to hit the ground running when meeting and engaging with key stakeholders.

If you are about to enter the workplace for the first time or you are new to Business Partnering this is a great course to give to an initial grounding and some key tools to apply in your new role.

Key Elements

Online Courses


Allowing learners any where anytime access

Suitable for all disciplines 


HR, Finance, Procurement & IT

Most Suited to new a starter or refresher

If you have recently become a business partner or entered the work place this a great course for you

Blended Learning 

Lectures, Animations

Case Studies

Learning Outcome 

Self Review and identification of development gaps

Stakeholder management skills

Self Review and identification of development gaps

Conflict Recognition and Resolution

Goal setting and gaining stakeholder agreement

Goal setting and gaining stakeholder agreement

Outcome review and assessment against aims

How is the course administered?

Online courses


Our mini course is hosted by Handy Train through an App.


Once you have signed up to the course you will receive instructions to download the Handy Train App and login using the creditials in your welcome email.


Blended Learning 

Once you have logged into the app, you will see a navigation menu which will guide you through your 7,  1 hour learning modules, each of the modules will also be broken down in to smaller work topics.

As you move through the course you will be reading, interacting and watching the content which will all support you in answering the multiple choice test at the end of the course.

The course has a pass mark of 50% which you must achieve to receive you online certificate. You can take the test as many times as required.

Time Bound

All learners are give 30 days to complete the 7 hour course. In exceptional circumstances this can be extended. Reminder emails will be regularly sent to ensure you progress at a good pace through the course.


Our 7 Hour Mini Course pricing is below:

7 hour mini course £300

We have the option to purchase each stage of the course individually which is a great way to spread the cost


Each 1 hour module is prices at £75 

Recommendation:to enhance learning we recommend students also need to purchase the Business Partnering hand book which is £50 

Course Preview

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